Artificial sweeteners were designed to be sugar substitutes as a less fattening alternative. You find sugar substitutes in diet sodas, yogurt and such. These artificial sweetener additives mimic the flavor of sugar but with virtually no useful energy. There are five dangerous sugar substitutes that are approved for consumer use: saccharin, neotame, acesulfame potassium, aspartame,… Read More ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS


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In modern times when stress and anxiety are driving humanity to the brink, yoga can be a panacea. Behavioural and medical scientists have demonstrated quite convincingly that people have far greater capacity to tolerate psychological and somatic stress than was earlier believed.


I recently read how the law of attraction works. If we think and positive and good about ourselves and about people around us and do something good to others, then we can encounter and feel positive changes in ourselves and in the enviornment in which we live.